About Mitra Shipping Trade

Mitra Shipping Trade is a distinguished Canadian international freight forwarder, dedicated to promoting global connectivity and fostering collaboration through pioneering and inventive transportation solutions. Our strategic approach to logistics is centered on delivering exceptional value to businesses.

Drawing upon extensive expertise in ocean, air, and land freight, we are committed to facilitating your success at every stage of the journey. Transparency and communication are paramount in our operations, ensuring that you are fully informed and empowered throughout the process.

What We Stand For

At Mitra Shipping Trade, we believe the world is a tapestry of unique stories, each unfolding simultaneously. In the shipping industry, we’ve witnessed how these stories intertwine, forming the connections that weave our global village together.

These connections are the lifeblood of our world, transforming distances into closeness and diversity into unity. Without them, our vision of a global community would remain just a dream.

To truly connect the world, we must align our energies, fostering coherence and harmony. This unity is the heartbeat of our success, driving us to bridge gaps and bring stories together, one shipment at a time.

Mitra Far


Mitra FAR is the founder and president of Mitra Shipping Trade, boasting over 19 years of experience in international trade. Renowned for her exceptional customer service and innovative problem-solving skills, Mitra has built strong, trust-based relationships with her clients.

Mitra holds an accounting degree, CIFFA certification, and a FIATA Diploma. Her commitment to education and professional growth underpins her success.

As a licensed life coach, Mitra’s positive outlook influences her work, driving her passion for connecting the world through efficient shipping solutions. She also demonstrates a strong dedication to community service, particularly with the North Shore Family Court and Youth Justice Committee.

Favourite Quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” — Albert Einstein

Steven Chuang

Customer Service & Documentation Manager

Main: 604 973 1915
Direct: 604 973 1921
Emails: cst@mitrashippingtrade.com

Eli Saeedi

Documentation & Accounts Manager

Main: 604 973 1915
Direct: 604 973 1909
Emails: doc@mitrashippingtrade.com

Part Of A Global Village

At Mitra Shipping Trade, we embrace the profound realization that our world is a rich tapestry of unique narratives, each unfolding in its own way. In the shipping industry, we bear witness to the intricate threads that weave these stories together, forming the fabric of our global village.

These connections serve as the foundation for fostering harmony and solidarity across borders, binding us together in shared experiences and aspirations.

As we navigate this interconnected world, we are guided by a steadfast commitment to coherence and consistency, ensuring that every journey we undertake is imbued with purpose and meaning.

Mitra Shipping Trade And Heartmath Institute Collaboration

Mitra Shipping Trade is a proud member of the HeartMath Institute, dedicated to exploring and promoting the science of heart and mind coherence. Our passion for these discoveries reflects our commitment to fostering unity and well-being.

We are actively contributing to the following HeartMath Institute projects:

  • Social Coherence Project
  • WiseHeart™
  • Trauma Recovery Project

The HeartMath Institute is a team of passionate and dedicated individuals committed to activating the heart of humanity. They empower individuals, families, groups, and organizations to enhance their life experiences through tools that enable better recognition and access to intuitive insight and heart intelligence.


“Great people to work with! It’s about a year Mitra shipping is taking care of our import containers with no delay! We had a significant saving on our ocean shipments since we worked with Mitra Shipping. Absolutely recommended!”

Amir G

“ Shipping with Mitra was fast and simple, plus we got a competitive rate and our shipment arrived in perfect condition. The staff were all really helpful and professional. Definitely will recommend Mitra Shipping to everyone I know!”

Tiana S

“ They cared all the shipment from Germany and Australia all the way to Vancouver, Canada at the same time. We had some custome clearance problems and they (especially, our special agent Miss. Mitra) handled it professionally and made it easy, fast and pretty smooth. Highly recommended as they are highly professional and responsive.”

Farzad A

“ I have used Mitra’s company to import vehicles from Europe.  All the details were taken care of. No problems.  I would recommend her services. Excellent job.  Thank you ”

Peter A

“ Mitra is incredibly professional, reliable and always makes you feel like you are her only customer (although she handles several at any given time) She is flexible and works hard to get you the best pricing while still taking exceptional care of your business as well as your customers best interest! I would highly recommend Mitra Shipping Trade! ”

Chiara B