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Air Freight

At Mitra Shipping Trade, we understand the importance of precision, especially when it comes to air freight. With air transportation, knowing the exact measurements of your shipment is paramount. Height is a key factor to consider; typically, once your cargo surpasses 60 inches in height, it necessitates the use of a dedicated freighter service for optimal handling.

Advantages and Risks of Air Freight

Air freight is ideal for time-sensitive, high-value, perishable, and lightweight goods, offering rapid and efficient transportation across global destinations.”

In recent years, there have been warnings that lithium batteries carried on an aircraft could pose a serious threat to aircraft safety. Lithium batteries are classified as miscellaneous dangerous goods. So please ensure you communicate all your cargo features to us to avoid any penalties or delays in shipping your cargo.

Advantages Of Shipping By Air


Air freight offers the fastest transportation option, ensuring swift delivery of goods to their destination.


Airlines operate on strict schedules, providing reliable departure and arrival times.

Specialized Handling

Air freight accommodates a wide range of cargo types, including perishables, pharmaceuticals, and high-value goods, with specialized handling procedures.

Enhanced Tracking

Advanced tracking systems provide real-time visibility of cargo throughout the entire shipment process.