Going Green Goals (3Gs)

by | May 19, 2020

Going Green Goals (3Gs)

May 19th COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 pandemic proved to us at Mitra Shipping Trade, that everything and everyone is connected in this world and we believe that together we can accomplish anything. To contribute to global wellbeing we have implemented below measures to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, and to assist mother earth in staying clean;

  • Staff will remain on work-from-home basis for remainder of the year to avoid commuting with fuel based vehicles and maintain social distancing to avoid the spread of virus and contribute to cleaner air.
  • Going paperless, use of digital folders will save hundreds of trees in the long run.
  • Issuing SWB documents where applicable, instead of printing Original Bill of lading documents, as this will save time, cost and paper for shipper and consignee.
  • Virtual office option, this will ensure clients can have access to us at their own convenient time/space. We can Skype, WhatsApp and or meet personally at their location if needed.
  • Recycling and using reusable cups, cloths and dishes to avoid creating waste.
  • Employees will take days off and self-isolate if any cold/flu symptoms occur.
  • All devices will be sanitized after usage and staff will wash hands on regular basis.

We will enhance our goals as we go forward and ensure our staff are complying with these enhancements hoping that we can do our best in implementing them in our daily lives as well.

We take pride in our decision to go green after this pandemic as taking care of our mother earth makes us feel more connected to each other globally.