Land Freight

Land freight excels in the transportation of heavy and oversized commodities across intermediate distances, presenting economically advantageous options in contrast to air or maritime transportation.

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Our Shipping Options

Full Truck Load

We offer Full Truck Load (FTL) services comprising 48-ft and 53-ft trailers. In road transport, over-dimensional freight refers to cargo exceeding the legal size criteria, which may include dimensions such as over 53 feet in length, over 8 feet 6 inches in width, and over 13 feet 6 inches in height from the road to the load’s top. For further details on FTL services, please contact us.

Less Truck Load

Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping presents an advantageous option for small businesses, allowing for cost-sharing among multiple shippers, with each paying for their respective portion of the truck based on shipped product volume. Given the multiple handling stages involved in LTL transportation, it is imperative to ensure adequate packaging, protection, and labeling to mitigate potential damage risks. While LTL shipping tends to be proportionally more expensive than Full Truckload (FTL) services due to the necessity of consolidating shipments, it remains significantly more cost-effective than air freight alternatives. Canadian trucking rates are conventionally expressed per 100 pounds, denoted as “cwt”, and we invite you to contact us for competitive pricing options.”

Railway Services

We specialize in the transportation of automobiles and vehicles via specialized railcars, as well as manufactured goods utilizing intermodal containers. Our services extend seamlessly from the East to West coasts of Canada and the United States. Primarily, rail transport in Canada facilitates the movement of non-manufactured agricultural products, minerals, and similar natural resources. At Mitra Shipping Trade, precise cargo measurements and weights are paramount to our operations. This ensures the selection of appropriate transport equipment and meticulous consideration of any exceptions or special requirements, including permits, designated routes, specialized handling and equipment needs, and other pertinent factors.

Advantages Of Shipping By Land


Delivering to customers faster usually translates into faster payments, thus improving the financing costs of doing business crossborder.


Land transportation networks cover a wide range of destinations, providing access to areas not served by other modes of transport like sea or air.


Land transportation networks offer accessibility to remote areas where other modes of transport may not be feasible.


Land freight provides faster transit times compared to sea freight, making it ideal for time-sensitive shipments.