Full Truck Load

We provide Full truck loads consist of 48-ft trailers and 53-ft trailers.

In British Columbia, the maximum allowable vehicle and cargo weight is 87,000 lb, which is allowable in Ontario; however, due to weight restrictions in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, this load cannot be driven across the country without special permits.

For road transport, over-dimensional freight can be defined as any piece that exceeds one or more of the legal size criteria of the province or provinces and states involved, you could consider the following dimensions as being oversize: over 53-ft in length, over 8-ft 6-in in width and over 13-ft 6-in in height from the road to the top of the load. Please call us to inquire more about FTL.

Less Truck Load

LTL is ideal for small businesses, as the transportation cost is shared with other shippers and each one pays for his portion of the truck, based on the amount of product shipped. When shipping LTL, adequate packaging, protection and marking are essential in order to prevent damage, since the cargo will be subject to multiple handling. Because of this multiple handling and the necessity to combine shipments, LTL is proportionally more expensive than FTL but substantially cheaper than air freight.

Canadian trucking rates are still expressed per 100 lb, often abbreviated “cwt” (meaning per hundred weights). Call us for competitive rates.

Railway Services

We provide transport of automobiles and vehicles carried in special railcars and manufactured goods carried in intermodal container. Services are offered From East to West coast of Canada & United States of America.

The main commodities transported by rail in Canada are non-manufactured agricultural, mineral and similar natural resources.

It is crucial for Mitra Shipping Trade to obtain correct cargo measurements and weights in order to ensure that adequate transport equipment is used and that any exceptions and/or special requirements are taken into account (permits, routes, handling equipment, special equipment, etc.).

Advantages of Moving Freight by Truck
  • Can offer door-to-door movement;
  • Does not depend on schedules, so offers flexibility limited only by the time required for travel;
  • Offers delivery to remote parts of the country and those not served by railways; and
  • Can change routes as necessary to avoid obstacles and delays.
Advantages of Moving Freight by Rail:
  • Rail transport is ideal for large shipments and is widely used within Canada, the U.S. and Mexico
  • Firms with manufacturing facilities where available
  • Rail transport offers definite advantages to exporters of bulk products such as paper, lumber, grain, chemicals, metal products, etc. with lower freight rates.
  • Simpler documentation.