At Mitra Shipping Trade we understand that the operation of efficient, dedicated, or shared warehousing facilities is extremely important to the management of supply chains, as industries, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers try to gain efficiency from their supply chain.

With our list of Regular or Bonded warehouses we can provide storage, packing and distribution any cargo to your location. Please see below our list of warehouses.

Warehousing Services offered:
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing
  • Order Entry
  • Receiving and Inspection
  • Redistribution
  • Put-Away
  • Storage
  • Replenishment
  • Customer Order Selection
  • Checking
  • Packing and Marking
  • Staging, Consolidation, and Shipping
Sufferance Warehouse:

Imported goods can be placed under CBSA exam and depending on the inspection type Sufferance warehouses might be needed, they are privately owned and operated facilities licenced by the CBSA for the control, short-term storage, and examination of imported goods until they are released by CBSA or exported from Canada.
We at Mitra Shipping Trade can assist you in finding the right warehouse, as each commodity might need different warehouse depending on their nature.