Project Cargo

For oversize, out-of-gauge, or over-dimensional cargo that exceeds the dimensions of a standard ocean container, break bulk shipping is required. While not all ports in Canada offer breakbulk services, Mitra Shipping Trade specializes in providing tailored solutions for such cargo. Contact us to explore the optimal transportation strategy for your unique cargo requirements.”

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Project Cargo

Project cargo typically encompasses both packaged and non-packaged goods, including machinery, which are individually lifted by cranes and carefully placed into the vessel’s holds. Ensuring the security of such cargo requires meticulous packaging, protection, loading, unloading, and securing procedures within the ship’s hold. Our expert team specializes in managing oversize, out-of-gauge, or over-dimensional cargo that cannot fit into standard ocean containers. We offer tailored solutions, including break bulk, roll-on/roll-off, or specialized container transport (such as open-top, flat-rack, or platform), to meet your unique project cargo needs.

Advantages Of Shipping By Project Cargo

Mitra Shipping Trade will ensure that all necessary documentation is in order, including invoices, packing lists, customs paperwork, permits, and certificates of origin if needed. We can assist you in preparing and processing these documents to comply with regulatory requirements.


Project cargo refers to oversized, heavy, or unique shipments requiring specialized handling. Examples include large machinery, industrial equipment, construction materials, and infrastructure components. Evaluate your cargo’s size, weight, and complexity to determine if it falls into this category.

Customized Solutions

Collaborate with Mitra Shipping Trade to create a custom shipping solution for your project cargo. This includes choosing the right transportation mode, planning the route, arranging specialized equipment, and managing logistics.

Packaging and Handling

For secure transport of project cargo, trust Mitra Shipping Trade for expert guidance on proper packaging and handling. We ensure your cargo is securely packaged, labeled, and protected from damage or environmental hazards, offering professional assistance every step of the way.


Rely on Mitra Shipping Trade to coordinate the transportation of your project cargo according to the agreed-upon schedule and logistics plan. We monitor the progress of your shipment closely and communicate regularly to address any issues or concerns that may arise during transit, ensuring a smooth and efficient shipping experience.