Full Container Load (FCL)

We offer all types of equipment for ocean freight services such as 20’/40’/45’ ST & HC Dry Containers, as well as Flat Racks, Open tops and Refrigerated containers from/to Canada and globally.
We work with specialized teams that provide us with loading specialty cargos in to dry ocean containers.
Services include Dismantling, Loading, Blocking and Bracing Vehicles into containers & Strapping Oversized out of gauge loads on Flat Rack containers.
Fruits and vegetables can be shipped with carrier’s Reefer containers that are equipped with ventilations and modern technology that controls temperature during the transport.

Less Container Load (LCL)

For all other international shipments that are too heavy to be shipped in Air freight Mode and could be shipped with longer transit times, such as pallets, skids and boxes we can offer services via ocean freight as Less Container Loads (LCLs) .
LCL mode is an affordable and simple way of shipping cargo in ocean containers without paying the full container fees. For these types of shipments we require the overall dimensions and gross weight of each pallet/skid. We provide rates based on total cubic meter volume or weight whichever greater.

Roll on Roll off (RORO)

For all machinery and other operating cargo that are drivable and unable to fit inside standard containers we offer Roll-On, Roll-Off services where service is available.
This is the best mode of transport to avoid dismantling cargo and saving cost for multiple modes of transport where applicable.

Advantages of shipping by Ocean:

Costs: ocean freight is the most cost-effective way of shipping large quantities of cargo over long distances.

Sizes and weights: ocean shipping is the ideal method for heavy and/or bulky goods, as it does not have the size and weight constraints of air freight or road transport.

Environment: ocean freight is more environment-friendly than planes or trucks. As with costs, the benefits increase as cargo quantities and distance increase.

Inventory management: a boat is like a floating warehouse, where goods are stored free of charge. Depending on the commodity and its seasonality, it can be advantageous to ship goods early and use a long shipping route, in order to save warehousing costs.