Ocean Freight

Embark on an exceptional voyage for your luxury vehicles and prized commodities with our premier ocean container shipping services. Meticulously crafted to cater to the most discerning clients, our shipping solutions ensure that your valuable cargo will be transported across the seas with the utmost care and elegance.

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Our Shipping Options

Full Container Load

Experience the epitome of luxury in ocean container shipping with Mitra Shipping Trade; entrust us with your most extravagant assets for a journey that is as remarkable as the cargo itself.
We at Mitra Shipping Trade specialize in the comprehensive handling and shipping of a diverse range of goods.


Less Container Load

For all other international shipments that are too heavy to be shipped in Air freight Mode and could be shipped with longer transit times, such as pallets, skids and boxes we can offer services via ocean freight as Less Container Loads (LCLs) .

LCL mode is an affordable and simple way of shipping cargo in ocean containers without paying the full container fees. For these types of shipments we require the overall dimensions and gross weight of each pallet/skid. We provide rates based on total cubic meter volume or weight whichever greater.

Roll On Roll Off

For all machinery and other operating cargo that are drivable and unable to fit inside standard containers we offer Roll-On, Roll-Off services where service is available.

This is the best mode of transport to avoid dismantling cargo and saving cost for multiple modes of transport where applicable.

Advantages Of Shipping by Ocean

Cost-Effective for Large Quantities

Ocean shipping is highly cost-effective, especially for large quantities of goods.

High Volume Cargo Capacity

Ocean vessels have a larger cargo capacity than other modes of transportation. This makes it suitable for transporting items such as machinery, vehicles, and raw materials.

Global Coverage

Ocean shipping provides global coverage, connecting major ports around the world.

Stability and Reliability

Despite potential weather-related delays, ocean shipping schedules are generally predictable, allowing businesses to plan their logistics more effectively.