Cargo typically transported by air includes perishables and refrigerated goods, high-value products& fragile goods.

Due to some of our customers demand at Mitra Shipping Trade we have shipped luxury cars and vehicles with Air freighter services as well.

We offer competitive Air freight services from Canada to various Airports of the world where services are available.

At Mitra Shipping Trade when it comes to air freight, knowing the measurements of your shipment is even more critical than with other modes of transportation. One of the main elements to watch for is height; the rule of thumb is that as soon as your cargo exceeds 60-in in height, you need to look for a freighter service.

In recent years, there have been warnings that lithium batteries carried on an aircraft could pose a serious threat to aircraft safety. Lithium batteries are classified as miscellaneous dangerous goods. So please ensure you communicate all your cargo features to us to avoid any penalties or delays in shipping your cargo.

In order for us to provide you with best accurate rates please provide below:

  • Overall Dimensions, and Gross weight of each skid
  • Airport of Departure and Airport of Arrival
  • The declared value for carriage.
  • The commodity details

Above information will assist us to calculate more accurate cost for your Air freight requirements, and will help you to determining the cost of the goods when trading internationally.


Speed: When goods need to move quickly, air freight, being the fastest shipping method, is the best solution.

Customer Service: Being able to deliver products faster enables exporters to serve customers better.

Stock Reduction: Delivering faster also means having less stock in transit and reduced inventories, leading to improved financial performance.

Reliability: Air transport provides reliable departure and arrival times.

Financing:  Delivering to customers faster usually translates into faster payments, thus improving the financing costs of doing business overseas.

Convenience: Due to the large network of destinations covered, you can send cargo by air to almost anywhere in the world.

Handling: Having generally less-rough handling than ocean freight and faster transit times reduces the risks of cargo damage. This should in turn attract lower insurance premiums.

Packaging: Since your cargo will be subject to less-rough handling and faster transit, it needs less packaging, meaning savings on packaging costs.

Security: The high level of security provided by airports reduces the risks of theft.

Visibility: Being able to track and trace cargo reliably and 24/7 leads to improved visibility, reduction of bottlenecks and improved customer service.